Beach Ball Pinata for Beach Parties or Poolside!

Halloween time is almost upon us again! And you know what that means – It means a time to let your hair down and have fun!

Not everyone’s favorite thing to do is walk on the streets, knocking on doors and saying poems to get some candy or money.
Another great accessory for your birthday or Halloween party is the 11 inch Beach Ball Piñata. The ball will help you to laugh a lot and to have some great fun while playing with it, especially for its happy colors of white, red yellow, light blue, orange and light green. These colors fit in with your mood and with the atmosphere of your child’s party! The ball can also be used for a perfect beach party or by the swimming pool!  This one is a fun general pinata, and being a ball, mischief can arise – it has been reportedly kicked to get the candy out!

Here are some other pinata party ideas.